The irony here is that Sound Horizon isn’t even ten anymore, it’s, like, 13.

That’s roughly 3 years that are just shunted off to the side because those were the doujin days. Not even Revo seems to acknowledge that period anymore, though he may throw in references to the doujin stuff when appropriate or if Michele does shit, and that’s sad.

I don’t think so I remember there being a joke recently about it being the second 10th anniversary, but I have forgotten the context.

I think the horizons after the major debut are just, what to call it, broader? The stories have more connections to a lot of the other horizons. But I also do think that there are many connections to the doujin albums, like in Interview with Noël they talk about the God of thunder and syntezisers. I think Revo does focus more on the others however because they are more popular, and I would really want to see more live-versions of a lot of the Chronicle and Lost songs. But Revo also said in an interview that his current style is very different from what he did in the start, and that Sound Horizon had begun going in another direction than he had planned for. I guess that might be one of the biggest reasons, but I think he does acknowledge all of the albums from that time.



the year is 2088. sound horizon have just released their 8th story cd. the packaging measures 8x8x8 km and weighs 53.8 tons. japan’s postal service has collapsed as they cannot physically deliver all of the preordered cds. buildings are crumbling under the weight of the cds. people are screaming. children are crying. revo is chuckling softly while drinking his wine.

Someone stop him. Before everyone gets hurt



VaniStar prediction: Noël is gonna die.

I actually think it might be one of the first albums in which no one will die… I mean, the nighthawk in the story does die in the end and eventually Noël will to, but since the last song is an interview I think the chance is smaller than our usual Sound Horizon story…

… Unlike the interviewer in it is Revo, because than he’s fucked



Moon Titans! AoT opening edited to fit Moon Pride from Sailor Moon Crystal.

Revo was originally going to go with this, but it was rejected by the director, so he was relieved when he got another chance with Sailor Moon