really, what is he doing with a smoking out there?

is this revo?


Drixi-san, Mamo-kun is Revo’s little brother.

That explains the similarities


It’s official, Revo needs to give us a picture of something with him as tuxedo kamen. After all the support he gave the Attack on Titan show, this needs to be a thing, unless he would rather pick the sailor suit. Either one would do, just saying.



si g h s tumblr ate 90% of this post when I first posted it so now I’m rewriting it goddammit I need people to see this theory (also I forgot like half of what I wrote so this post is a lot shorter than the original)

aight so after toboestar suggested Wonderland Horizon ive been thinking and

i think we might be onto something here, guys

Wow… God, now I actually want to see this 0.0 



Can someone in the Sound Horizon fandom or whatever give me a guide about Sound Horizon and what to start with?

Sound Horizon is a story “band” that makes music and stories blend together, with beautiful lyrics and hidden messages to top it of. I say “band” because the composer and leader, Revo, is together with the guy who makes drawings for the cds the only members that are in it, the others might change from time to time. The whole thing can be a little confusing at first, but a good place to start would be the Moira live in my oppinion. The story is not to complicated and the songs are very different from each other and still all beautiful.

If you get interested in it, the rest will come by itself if you try looking more into it for yourself :)

I like to imagine Swarzweiss as and exchange story between Haruka and Revo, where they take turns on writing something for the story.

Something like:

Haruka: The story is about a girl who lives in the forest…

Revo: And her father is dead!

Haruka: Okay, then she goes to get water…

Revo: And the lake she goes to is cursed and a spirit appears!

Haruka: A-and it was her father!

Revo: And then she follows him into a cave and slowly looses conciousness! And then she die-

Haruka: And then he makes the mist dissapear and she finally leaves the cave.

Revo: … You are no fun, Haruka, this is the last time we are collaborating!



Sunawachi... Seikanchou Tunnel

Live performance by Revo at the 2010 Holiday Special Celebration


Here is what I found:

In the year 2015 mankind flies away to the galaxy

We think it’s a little too early, but there is no reason complaining…

because it’s in the script

"The Super Tunnel between Star…"

The Siege of Babylon, the Walk of Canossa too

The Reconquista too, the Magna Carta too

The Witch-hunt too, the Inquisitiontoo

The Apartheid too, the Caste System too

The Oil shock too, the Leheman shock too

The pest too, the AIDS too

And influenza too,

All of that, all of history, we overcame it all


When we feel hungry we tend to turn atrocious, but even still

We cry when we lose someone important

Ah, isn’t it very similar at the planet you’re from?

We have come to deliver the history we’ve walked through

In other words, with the Interstellar Super Tunnel


The Hammurabi code, the Napoleonic code too

The Wild Frontier too, the Holocaust too

The Industrial Revolution too, the IT Revolution too

The World Wars too, the ethnic disputes too

Earthquakes and tsunamis, eruptions and tornados

Famine and thirst, nuclear contamination

All of that, the whole world, we have faced it all


Even though disputes will be caused by the slightest banal reasons

We feel pain in our heart when a beautiful flower decays

Ah, isn’t it very similar at the planet you’re from?

We’ve come to deliver the wishes we have engraved

In other words, with the Interstellar Super Tunnel.

War,war. It’s war again. x10

There was also sadness in the time of our planet’s past

But even so, the past is never pointless, by no means

"Laurant,s we believe in that――

This is not a world where all your wishes come true

But even so, today as well we’ll strugle without giving up our hope.

Ah… isn’t that very similar for you, who I have yet to see

We’ll come to deliver you the future we’ve dreamed of!

In other words, with the Interstellar Super Tunnel.